Today, information technology has gained a pivotal role in the success and functioning of an organization. It has transcended from being merely a support and administrative function, to a mainstream and strategic role. IT prowess has become a necessity for an organization to grow organically, and to minimize costs. However, with ever evolving and increasingly complex IT systems with a host of business applications crucial to businesses, it has become economically wise to delegate/outsource IT management to the experts. This is where Netlink enables companies to focus on their core competencies and Netlink aligns their IT portfolios, run their businesses more cost effectively and free resources for business growth, thereby preventing operational bottlenecks and raising bottom lines of companies.

Netlink’s IMS include Remote Management Services, Networks Management Services, Disaster Recovery Management Services, Maintenance Services, Database Management Services, Desktop Management Services, Server Management Services, Security Management Services, Storage Management Services, Application Development & Management Services.