Today in a world with an increasing demand of distributing knowledge effectively to every corner it is difficult to remain unchanged with the traditional ways of learning. As the demand for delivery of precise information in the shortest amount of time increases among highly specialized professions, educational institutions and organizations are looking for a better platform for knowledge sharing that not only provides the right information but also does that in such a way that the skill building process becomes more effective. The answer to such a demand is the web based education system that facilitates a new form of learning approach called the e-Learning. And the critical element in successful deployment of web based training is the engine that manages and drives e-Learning deliverables - the learning management system (LMS).

E-Learning can be of two distinct types, namely synchronous and asynchronous. In synchronous e-Learning, a virtual classroom is set up which may include real-time, web based video/audio conferencing along with uploaded presentations with an on-line chat made available. Such form of e-Learning is commonly referred to as Distant Learning. In asynchronous learning, the learning takes place at a pace the student prefers, that is, material is distributed online and the learner users these resources at a time he/she has the time to avail the resources. This form of learning is distinctly cheaper and popular-thus receiving the attention of the industry.

Key highlights of LMS
• Real-time, 24/7, anywhere, anytime - Learning
• Learner centric
• Personalized and customized by the organization for the individual.
• A plethora of delivery methods like simulation, virtual classrooms, collaboration, community and more.
• Administrative tasks like registration, security, payment are all handled and managed smoothly and effectively by the LMS.

Netlink LMS solution is a platform that streamlines training with minimal human intervention. It is an expandable, robust, and flexible solution for running both instructor-led and e-Learning activities, people, curriculums, and courseware across the enterprise. The solution assists institutions to incorporate a comprehensive learning system in their training and education programs. It is a right offering that delivers and manages live, self-controlled learning, as well as evaluation and certification training programs. It is an end-to-end solution that helps to manage the entire learning process from enrolling, tracking progress till delivering tests and reporting costs.

The package seamlessly complies with international standards like SCORM, thus enabling the user to select the content via any third party vendor. The package is fully customizable as it is built on flexible architecture.

Learning Portal - The portal is an interactive dashboard where all the content is viewed, accessed, edited and tracked. It contains features like System Snapshot, Access Catalogue and the personalized learning portal.

Learning Management - Learning Management module provides an easy interface for administrators and instructors to organize learning plans into logical units for users belonging in different categories, thus making it very convenient for managers to manage learning plans.

Knowledge Base Management - One of the features of Knowledge Base System involves Content Management which allows you to define content categories and content types. It has many useful features that allow the manager to upload and store content in various formats. It also has an easy search feature, which allows users to browse through the contents quickly.

The Knowledge Base Management System has another very useful functionality which is critical to any learning process. This feature is called Assessment Management. This feature allows the assessment of knowledge using a powerful in-built tool, which allows authors to pick and choose question types to enable the author to make question papers easy and test the knowledge of the user effectively. All the test scores are organized according the learner’s adaptive progress reports.

Collaboration Item Management - This section involves Virtual Classrooms where the administrator can schedule sessions, invite groups to participate in the e-learning process. Innovative features such as audio/video chats, whiteboard sharing, video conferencing have been included to allow effective training to be conducted live online. Recording and playback features that allow for later references, is provided as utility tools.

Discussion forums are also a part of the collaboration management feature where a forum specific to a subject, topic or a discussion can be posted enabling the users to share knowledge in real time

User Management - The system provides a very useful tool to perform User data management which helps to reduce company costs. In this feature, the administrator is able to define roles for the user and organize the staff into groups, imparting flexibility to the human resource management functionalities in the company. The system allows easy data importability from different databases making the system easy to integrate with existing systems.

The system allows the human resource manager to organize company resources according to defined hierarchies in the company for effective synchronization of existing resources.


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