K12 (pronounced just "Kay twelve", "Kay through twelve", or "Kay to twelve") is a designation for the sum of primary and secondary education. The expression is a shortening of Kindergarten (4-6-year-old) through 12th grade or grade 12 (16-19 years old), the first and last grades of free education in the United States, Australia and English Canada.

K12 is a leading technology for online learning for the grades from Kindergarten to 12th grade, owing to its paramount quality. K12 provides a curriculum for students with online learning options. In today’s competitive world with enormous pressure on both the students as well as their parents, K12 makes learning easier through an engaging curriculum which has the right blend of online/offline school programs. The K12 teaching pedagogy has been developed after thorough educational research. The curriculum is embellished with teacher support, daily lesson plans, and a vibrant, global online community.

This technology offers a plethora of advantages such as modifying/supplementing a child’s schooling, helping legislators address dropout rates, credit recovery, advanced learners, special populations, and shrinking budgets, helping teachers discover a new level of student engagement, and new confidence and satisfaction in teaching even the toughest subjects.

K12 technology serves as a channel for delivering revolutionary solutions to large challenges. And we deliver results that far exceed expectations: Avail the K12 advantage, and help your child blossom.