Netlink consulting solutions include advisory statements and suggestions, considerations for the design elements and decision point, planning and designing documentation, expert recommendations from Netlink, equipment details (wherever applicable), comparison charts and tables, budgetary costing details, strategies to implement, deploy, support, maintain and manage, industry benchmarking reports. Some more features of Netlink’s consulting services are:

• RFP preparation which also includes vendor/ OEM evaluation, OEM/ product evaluation.
• Proposal evaluation services which includes technical evaluation and commercial evaluation.
• Setting up a team of professionals to access all the information needed for the project. This team defines the scope of the   project and creates matrices to evaluate the project process and will identify external sources of information if required.
• Defining and documenting Statement of Work (SoW) of the project and publishing project plan with overview of project tasks.   Signoff on SoW and project plan.
• Identifying long lead-time activities and starting them early to ensure timely handover of the site.
• Proper documentation of the project progress along with compliance to the standards and specifications such as drawings   etc.
• Monitoring of the project onsite and offsite by dedicated resources.