MD & Founder

Successful entrepreneurs live out loud. They follow their passions and they’re willing to take risks regardless of what others say. Rrajesh Bakshi, founder of the Rs 300crore Netlink Business Systems Pvt Ltd, one of India’s leading IT services and systems integration companies did what it takes, and saw his dreams ,realized. Today, he is seen as a successful symbol of India’s growing entrepreneurial spirit, and his organization is known for redefining IT services with innovation beating at its heart.

Rrajesh Bakshi didn’t start out as an entrepreneur. A commerce post-graduate, he began his career in sales and marketing. He gained experience with companies such as Zenith Computers, Modi Olivetti & ICIM, that too at a time when IT wasn’t considered a value add in India. Craving to work for himself and charting new paths, Rrajesh set up his company in 1992 as IT hardware and networks solutions company. The entrepreneur in him sensed a huge opportunity, particularly since India and Indian industries were turning to technology in a bid to become a global player. Under his stewardship NBS transformed from a networks solutions company to an IT services and systems integration company. Set up with a meager seed capital of Rs 5,000, till date NBS has no external debt, bank credit or outside investors. Growth has been funded by promoter-earned funds, customer advances, and a meticulous company’s healthy bottom-line.

NBS today engages in consulting, infrastructure deployment, as well as ERP solutions. It employs over 350 people, and is currently head-quartered in Gurgaon, India’s IT services hub, in the national capital region.

Rrajesh Bakshi made his global foray in 1999, when Netlink Business Systems launched a development centre In Kuala Lumpur to provide complete CRM solutions for clients like Tanco, a group of five-star hotels and a sister concern of Petronas. NBS has been given Multimedia Super Corridor Status Company in Malaysia. Indeed, Netlink was one of the few companies in India to have a tie-up with Apple and Compaq. Compaq/HP has awarded him 16 times as its largest systems integration partners. The lessons learned, skills acquired, and contacts made, have served him well in his own business venture.

According to Rrajesh, the reasons for his success are not difficult to find. “If you've done your best to make sound business decisions and treat employees and customers with respect, your track record stays with you. Not so much whether your business failed or succeeded, but how you deal with adversity, that reputation aspect becomes critical. I have been trying, not only to build an IT services empire, but also a network of people and resources and a series of experiences. So far the journey has been satisfying, but I am looking to new challenges in the future.”

Going forward, NBS will work with mandates to deploy high-end information solutions for global corporate enterprises and education verticals. Its operations will have a pan-Asian presence in the next two years, and seek out new business in the USA & Europe. An IPO, too, is on the horizon. Growth 2.0 is clearly marked on the NBS calendar, and Rrajesh Bakshi’s future.